Mulan suggested that I try this place as she had it a few months prior when she visited NYC. I was again finding myself in the Time Square area as I saw an excellent vinyl shop, and it was lunchtime.

Mulan suggested I try the chorizo and plantain chips, which I did. I also ordered the Cubano sandwich lunch special. The chorizo came first, and I was super surprised at how tender the sausage was; as usual, when I eat chorizo, it is firm and quite chunky. The chorizo also had a lovely grazy sauce, and when eating it with the plantain and dipping it in, I had never tasted anything like this before. It was just so good.

The Cubano was alright. I liked it but thought the chorizo was better, and if I had got this first, I might have enjoyed it more. Also, because I had visited some other really good sandwich shops and this place didn’t compare close to the other places.

Overall, not a bad place. Apparently, there is live music in the evenings. Service was OK, nothing special, but maybe because I am not a needy customer. My server was a bit boring, and nothing to write home about. I was overly not happy that I had to tip him for the service he gave me

Address: 939 8th Ave, New York, NY 10019

Website: Guantanamera