So there was one place that I thought I would miss out on visiting, and that was Scars Pizza. I just ran out of time. However, my cousin and I went for a walk after dinner and then, low and behold, we walked past Scarr’s, and he said, “here’s Scarr’s; when is the next time you will be able to eat here”, I was so full, but my cousin convinced me to order two slices, which was not hard. But i knew I was not going to finish them. Plus there was no line for this place, I just walked in from the cold and waited for a bit and then was able to order.

I ended up ordering the Original, and the pepperoni with honey added on top. I asked my cousin which one I should try, and he said the original, so I did. The first bite was good! I was surprised you could taste every ingredient in that pizza, from the tomato sauce, herbs, and cheese. It was the first time I could taste all three different parts of the pizza. Also, the base was nicely done. Then came the Pepperoni. Wow, this was good. I loved the spice from the pepperoni, then the warmth and sweetness from the honey and then all the other elements from the classic slice. It was so good. I wish I could have eaten the whole thing, but it was impossible. The slice was so good!

Man, I can see why people come here to have pizza; even though I just had two, I was impressed. Compared to the three pizza places I tried while in NYC, overall, I would go to Scarr’s, Paulie’s and then Joe’s. All three pizza places were super good, but if you want an excellent quality pizza Scarr’s is it. Do try the pepperoni with honey. I feel it is a must.

Address: 22 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002

Website: Scarr’s Pizza