We went out to dinner with some Los Angeles family members, and they took us out to Shanghailander Palace. Doing some research, I discovered that there is no website for the place. Also, it didn’t feel polite to take photos of the food, so I didn’t take any.

My Aunty ordered so much food that we could have had two meals out of the item. What was ordered included; Shanghai Trotter in Rock Candy, Fish Fillet with Seaweed, Shaoxin Wine Chicken, XiaLong Baos, Shanghailander Pan Fried Buns, String Beans, Crispy Fish with Sweet and Sour Sauce, Ching Chiang Cured Pork, Shanghai Style Pan Fried Rice, and Shrimps. Shanghai Pan Fried Noodles. At one point, there was so much food that it could not fit all on the lazy susan.

Some highlights of the menu included the Shanghai Totters. It was so tender, and I loved the sweetness of the sauce that was poured over the pork. The Fish Fillet with Seaweed was also very lovely and so fresh. I loved the simplicity of the deep-fried fish and then some flakes of nori mixed into it. The Pan Fried Dumplings were good. I loved the juice from the buns upon the first bite. The Ching Chiang Cured Pork was very interesting. It had a gelatin top and then some finely chopped pork at the bottom. It was a very interesting flavours and went well with some black vinegar. The Xia long baos are always a highlight as they are hard to find in NZ. They Had some nice juice to them and went well with the vinegar.

I wouldn’t necessarily come to this place, but the food here is delicious. I am slightly scared to know what the bill was but had great company, and lovely to catch up with some people.

Address: 1695 S Azusa Ave, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745