After a long day, it was time to get some food, and we ended up dining at In and Out. (I was slightly screaming inside, as I like the food at In and Out). We chose the Burbank eatery as it was closer to our Airbnb. When we arrived, the drive-thru was out on the street. It was just so busy, and when we got there, the place was so packed, and it just looked like Covid had never happened. It got even busier after we ordered, as a local High School had just finished a game, and many of the spectators seemed to want In and Out.

I ordered my usual meal of Double Meat Animal Style, Fries Animal Style and a Chocolate Shake. On the menu, there are combination options, but after looking at the prices while waiting for the food, the sign says “for your ordering convenience, so you don’t save on anything like the other fast food joints.

As the place was so busy, the food did take a while to arrive. However, when it did, the food was so fresh and tasty. In and Out, they peel, cut and fry their potatoes on site. I also went animal style, so on top of the fries was cheese, onions and thousand island sauce. They these fries were supper tasty. The Double Meat burger was super fresh and they do not skimp on the freshness of the lettuce and tomato. With the animal style, you also get extra thousand island sauce but your patty is also cooked in mustard and it just gives the bit of lift to the burger.

Overall, if you cannot tell, I love In and Out, ever since I got introduced to it, everytime I am in California I need to have it.

Address: 761 N 1st St, Burbank, CA 91502

Website: In and Out