We decided to do The Warner Brothers Studio tour. We spent four hours there, but it was fun and exciting to go onto a working studio lot. Also, on tour, there are exhibitions of DC comics, Harry Potter and other Warner Brothers movies and TV shows, including the staging of the shows Big Bang Theory and Friends.

Towards the end of the tour, you get the opportunity to buy food, and it is all set up like Central Perk. I decided to buy some chips and a pastrami on rye. Firstly, the outfit of the place is very cool, with walls set up like all the sets in Friends. Also, besides the eatery, it is a shop to buy Friends merchandise. Some of the stuff is not bad, and I was tempted to purchase some stuff, but I held off.

The chips I bought were lovely. They were the Kettle chips variety that I enjoy, including them being crisp. The seasoning was nice, but my youngest nephew ended up eating the majority of them, which slightly annoyed me.

The Pastrami on rye sandwich was alright. However, the pastrami was only on one side of the sandwich. The bread was toasted with butter and made it crisp. The flavours were okay, but if they had taken a bit more care in creating and grilling the sandwich, I feel it would have just been a better experience.

Momma Bear also bought a cupcake as she wanted to try it. It was rather cute with the Central Perk logo printed on top. It was a Red Velvet cupcake, and overall it was good. I still cannot taste the chocolate element in Red Velvet, though.

Central Perk is the only place you can eat at the Warner Brothers Studio tour. Prices are more on the expensive side. However, they could be more expensive. The cafe also sells a variety of other hot food, salads and cakes and even though you don’t buy anything it is still lovely to look at. The tour is well worth a visit, and seeing working sets and other facades was very cool. Also, our Tour guide was excellent and very knowledgeable, which made the tour that more enjoyable.

Address: 3400 Warner Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505

Warner Brothers Studio Tour