Another dinner with some other family members who live in Los Angeles. They gave us some options, and we decided to go to have some Peking Duck. I love Peking Duck and have not had the original version for a long time. Interesting fact, though, at this place, you only have to give them 75 minutes notice. In Wellington you need to give them at least 24 hours. Just due to population and output this place must sell a lot of Peking Duck.

On the table tonight were two servings of Peking Duck with extra pancakes, special house pancakes, pea shots, Spareribs Shanghai style, crispy walnut shrimp and some pork chow, mein. I was surprised to have two servings of Peking Duck, but I am not going to complain.

First up was the Peking Duck. Here, they are so generous with the serving of Spring Onion, Cucumber Hoisin sauce and NZ, and you will never get this amount. Also, you get the legs of the duck, which were fun to eat. Overall, the Peking Duck was so good. The pancakes were so fresh, and the duck was not fatty and had a lovely flavour to it.

The house special pancake was also very nice. It was super fluffy and tasted very nice. The pea shoots were also super tasty, and I loved the garlic flavour in them. The spare ribs were also delicious and on the sweet side and complimented well with the rice, and the crispy walnut prawns, although somewhat simple with deep-fried prawns and candied walnuts, was also super tasty.

Overall, a great place to eat and very fortunate to give this place a try. The service was excellent, and the food was super tasty. A great Chinese restaurant that has become super busy and popular with the locals.

Address: 8450 Valley Blvd Suite 115, Rosemead, CA 91770

Website: Ji Rong Peking Duck