After our dinner at Ji Rong Peking Duck, we decided not to have dessert there; instead, we decided to get some Boba/Bubble Tea from Xing Fu Tang, which was just down the road. I had been to the one in Manhattan on this trip, but there were a few other menu items that I was interested in trying.

I ordered the Boba Milk Tea Soft Serve, which I discovered at this branch, you can only order it on the weekends. Also, I discovered that they didn’t sell all the flavours that the one in Manhattan does inclduing the Taro Boba Tea.

The soft serve comes with their signature house-made caramelised boba and then with Boba Tea flavoured Soft serve. I have to say, this was a wonderful dessert to have. Even Momma Bear liked it, to my surprise. All the different flavours worked really well together and wasn’t overly too sweet or rich, It had a nice caramel tea flavour to it, and even though it was cold and wet outside, it was still good.

Although I did mention that they didn’t have the taro version here, I did try it in Manhattan, and if you get the opportunity, it is a nice drink. They had their house-made taro boba in the drink, a taro paste and then on top they had tea on top. I liked the three separate parts of the drink, and when you mix them the drink works really well.

Overall, I rate this place for boba tea. Although they had stopped making tapioca for the evening, we still see them cook and create their boba. It was really interesting seeing them add brown sugar to the wok and then see that caramel, then adds in the cooked boba and what looked like black tea. My nephews were so intrigued by it, and an exciting thing to watch.

Address: 1468 E Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA 91801

Website: Xing Fu Tang