I was shopping at Camarillo Premium Outlets, and everyone was getting peckish. We walked passed Wetzel’s Preztels and they were handing out samples. The nephews enjoyed them so much that Momma Bear, decided to buy some. Now, I have no idea why, but how do I know about the company Wetzel\s Pretzels? I have never had them before, but I have deffinitely heard about them.

We ordered some Cinnamon coated Pretzels and Wetzel Dogs. We got enticed to this place through the Pretzel Doughnuts they were handing it. They were rather nice, even though they were on the denser side of things. The Wetzel Dog is an interesting menu item with pretzel dough wrapped around a cocktail sausage and then cooked.

Overall, the items were good. It diffinetly fills that spot and if you are shopping the whole day it is worth getting something like this to eat just to keep you going.

Address: 3301 E Main St Space #1078, Ventura, CA 93003

Website: Weztel Preztel