I decided to pop into 85°C Bakery while walking around a Westfield Mall and wanted something to eat. The place enticed me because it looked like an Asian Bakery. I think it is called 85°C Bakery as the creator feels that is the correct temperature to serve coffee.

I got a few things, including a Taro Puff Pastry, Mango Custard Bun and a 85°C Egg Tart. They were all individually wrapped in little bags and ready to go after leaving the place. The Taro Puff Pastry was nice and the bread was super soft. The taro paste inside was smooth and not too rice of sweet and was a nice bun to it.

The Mango Custard Bun was alright. The bread was good, but the Mango inside didn’t hit the spot and tasted artificial. Also, the custard was quite dense, and I felt it didn’t quite work which I was dissappointed with.

The Egg Tarts were the real treat. However, I did find the one I had was difficult to get out of its individual tray. They were more of a portugese tart variety and were nice to eat. I did wish though that they were served hot.

Overall a good bakery and they are all over the place. Service was not the greatest when I went as other customers were confused with the menu when they ordered.

Website: 85°C Bakery Cafe