After leaving West Hollywood and doing some shopping, we discovered that it was getting late and we needed some dinner. We got told by a relative that close to Anaheim has good Vietnamese, so we decided to go to Simply Pho Noodle House

When we arrived, it looked like a nice simple eatery and had more of a rustic feel, which was what we were looking for. It was slightly hard to research this place as they don’t have a website, and we only went off Google Maps.

I ordered some Summer Rolls and Crispy Golden Cornish Hen. However, when the food arrived, I got the BBQ Pork Chop. I could not be bothered changing my mind as it was getting too late into the evening. The summer rolls were nice and were packed with filling. Had fresh ingrediants which was good and I am not entirely sure if you can really make a bad one unless you don’t use fresh ingrediants.

The BBQ Pork Chop also came with a super nice soup, and potentially the same is the Pho broth. The Pork chop was grilled nicely and I liked the fried egg on top. It was also, nice to get a decent size salad on the side. Overall, a nice dish.

Overall, everyone at the time was pleased with the food. The service was good except for me getting the wrong order. Excellent condiments on the side, and they also had this chilli chutney there which was lovely and an excellent addition to the rice.

Address: 424 S Main St F, Orange, CA 92868