First time at Disneyland, and some thoughts. They do it well, the storytelling is excellent and also is the customer service. I decided to visit a few food places and see if Disneyland served good food.

First up to eat were the beignets that were cutely shaped like Mickey Mouse at Mint Julep Bar. I got the two varieties, the original version and the other, which come with maple flavour sugar. Firstly, I have never really eaten beignets except for the ones at Sweet Mothers back in Wellington, and these don’t compare. These were so nice and were a lovely snack to share around the party and well worth a try.

Momma Bear order a BBQ Chicken Salad from Hungry Bear Cafe. I was impressed by the freshness and the chicken and bacon bits on top, a delicious salad as I ended up eating half of it.

Churros can be found all over the park, and they must sell a lot of them. The churros a good but quite pricey, but the young kids love them. They are made in a mass kitchen and then heated up at every individual stall. They were good but not fantastic and had a vanilla taste to them.

Next was the Turkey Leg from Edelweiss Snacks. This leg was huge. I decided to go for the OG. It was nicely cooked and super tasty. Towards the end, though, I did start to feel a bit sick as there was just too much turkey meat to eat for one.

The last thing to try was the Corn Dog. My nephew called out how dark it was, and it did have a bit of a burnt taste to it. The corn dog, though, was nice, and I liked it. It is very different to a battered sausage at home, and that is because I think they use flour from Corn, not wheat. The skin was a lot denser, and the sausage was super tasty. It went really well with mustard and a bit of ketchup.

Overall, food is quite pricey at Disneyland, but we were not surprised. The food is good, and I wish I could have tried some more things. Ordering on the App makes food easier to purchase. You can select a time when you want the food to be ready, order and pay for your food, and when you get there, you open the app and send the order through to the kitchen. When it is ready, you go to a window and pick up the food. So easy and no need to queue.

Website: Disneyland