Second Day at the Disneyland Resort, we went to California Adventure Park. This park seems smaller but still packs a big punch. Again, heaps of food options, and it was interesting trying a few of the offerings.

First stop after completing all the rides in Avengers Campus, we went to Pym Test Kitchen, and I ordered the Not So Little Chicken Sandwich. Whoever thought of this menu was a genius. I loved how the bun was small, but the chicken was massive. Overall, I liked the sandwich. The chicken was slightly overcooked, but the flavours were there and still enjoyable. Everything worked well together, and I especially loved the potato tots.

After a few rides, we were in Pixar Pier, and we then decided to go to Jack-Jack Cookie Num Num. I decided to try the Jack-Jack Cookie Num Num and a Chocolate Milk. The cookie was certainly num num and was heated up before it was served. It would have been cool if you could get an ice cream option, as that would have gone down a treat. The chocolate milk was also very tasty and complimented the cookie very well.

For dinner, we headed towards Pacific Wharf, where I felt I got the food on offer in the park. I decided to try Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill. I thought each serve was one taco. I ordered two plates and discovered it was two each per serving. The QuesaBirria and the Al Pastor. The QuesaBirria was super tasty, and I loved dipping the taco into the sauce/meat juice. It was also packed with meat, and I loved that there were two lime wedges and some radish. The Al Paster packed a bit of a punch, and I loved the pineapple flavour in the pork. It was also super tasty, and I loved how the combinations worked so well. A great place to try in you get the opportunity.

Finally, while watching the World of Colour, we got a Hot Chocolate. Man, these Hot Chocolates were full-on, super sweet and quite malty. I did struggle to drink it, but I had it to keep me warm. I didn’t finish it, but it was an experience to have and try.

Overall, California Adventure potentially has better food offerings than Disneyland. Again, the app is super useful, and I loved not needing to line up and not getting out my card or cash to pay. Food is, though, still quite pricey, including drinks.