We were walking around the mall looking for dessert, and initially, we were going to get waffles, but I saw this ice cream shop across the way and asked my nephews which one they preferred, and they both said ice cream. I did find it weird that there was an ice cream shop called Hokey Pokey, but after reading a sign in the window, I discovered the shop referenced New Zealand.

On the sign, this ice cream shop serves soft serve ice cream, with hokey pokey inside and then sprinkles it on top. The soft serve comes in different flavours, including; Vanilla, Coffee, and Mixed berries and also offers a pavlova sundae version. I decided to go with the coffee version, and everyone else went with the vanilla version.

I was impressed with this ice cream. They have their ice cream press, where they add the ice cream on top, add some hokey pokey, and let it mix and swirl through to the bottom. With my one, they added coffee syrup before churning it through the press. The flavours of espresso and hokey pokey work well, and instead of having this version, they also offer an affogato version with an espresso shot. Comparing it to the vanilla version, I felt mine was more rounded in flavour and not as sweet. The serving sizes are pretty big, and there was no way I could have eaten half of the vanilla version, even though it did taste as good.

Overall a great ice cream shop with a fascinating kiwi twist. Three brothers from Hawkes Bay set up the company. Unfortunately, they have to use US produce, and it would be very interesting to see what it would be like with NZ ice cream and coffee.

Address: Westfield Century City, 10250 Santa Monica Blvd Unit 2625, Los Angeles, CA 90067

Instagram: Hokey Pokey LA