I was back in Century City in Los Angeles, and I decided to try Ramen Nagi. The reason I chose Ramen Nagi as there was a line of people waiting outside to go in, and the reviews were good online.

When waiting in line, you individually get a piece of paper where you circle what elements you want in your Ramen; There are five base soups; Original Tonkotsu, Red King (Spicy), Black King (Squid Ink), Green King (Basil) and Veggie King. You can then decide how much Tare, Garlic and Oil you want. Type of pork; chashu (pork loin) or kakuni (pork belly). Green onion or Cabbage and then the spice level. You then decide if you want thick or thin ramen and how you want it cooked. Finally, on top of that, you can add seaweed, Tamago (Japanese-style egg) and extra fillings of noodles.

I decided to try the Original, with a standard amount of tare, garlic and oil. I also went with the kakuni, green onions and normal spice level. I chose the thicker ramen and cooked it to a firm texture. I also added a tamago and some nori sheets and tree mushrooms as an extra. When ordering we got asked if we would like some karaage chicken and we said yes.

The karaage chicken came first. My nephews loved the chicken, and so did I. It had a nice extra crunchy coating, and a lightly sweet sauce poured on top, which was potentially teriyaki. It also came with some Japanese Mayo and a wedge of lemon.

Next came the ramen, and I was impressed. The broth looked lovely and thick. I got a whole tamago instead of half, and the kakuni was generous. The broth was super tasty, and I loved the qualities of tare, garlic and oil in the bowl. The Ramen were cooked nicely and I love how they give you a whole piece of nori on the side, and you tear in your nori into the ramen.

Overall very good ramen. My nephew loved it so much that he ate about one and a half bowls of it. The wait time can depend on how many people are in the line outside. However, once you have sat down and the waiter has checked your order, the food comes out pretty fast. Also, I discovered that the karaage chicken was not added to the bill. Not entirely sure how that worked and was happy to give them a generous tip.

Address: 10250 Santa Monica Blvd Ste. #2850, Los Angeles, CA 90067