I went to Grand Central Market to have a look and to also try Eggslut. Eggslut is a very popular eatery/food stall in the downtown area, and I have been waiting to try it for a while since one of my cousins took me there, but it was closed.

Not to be surprised, when I arrived, there was a line to order. When I got to the counter, I ordered Bacon, Egg and Cheese burger and a Slut and then went back to waiting. However, what is cool, is that they have an open kitchen, and you can see how everything is cooked. It was interesting to see how they cooked the Slut, as it was cooked in a water bath in a glass jar, low and slow.

The Bacon, Egg and Cheese was fantastic. The egg was pan-fried and still runny; the bacon was cooked nicely. The standout for me was the sauce/ketchup they used. It tied everything together, including the bun and the cheese. Also, I have to say this was the most orange egg yolk I have seen while in the USA.

The Slut, was nicely seasoned with salt and chives on top, and the egg was just cooked and the mashed potato warm. This dish was so good, and I loved the thinly sliced baguette to spread the potato and egg on to. A brillant and tasty dish.

Overall, I can see why Eggslut is so popular in LA. Everything works so well. One downfall is that you must throw away the glass jar they use to cook the slut. There is no alternative to recycling it unless you take it home. I feel it is wasteful, but I am unsure if there is an alternative for them. Besides that well worth a visit, but you will have to wait to get your food.

Address: 317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Website: Eggslut