After eating my food from Eggslut, I thought I would eat a doughnut. The Donut Man looked so good, and they are made on-site as you can see them deep-fry the doughnuts. Also, their cabinet seemed so enticing that I had to try one.

I decided to get the biggest, which was the cinnamon roll, as I knew once everyone saw it, I would have to share it. This thing was big, and for $4.50, I would expect so.

The doughnut was nice and soft, and Momma Bear thought it was baked as there was no oily aftertaste. The amount of cinnamon was perfect, not too heavy or too sweet. I can see why people line up for this place and buy their doughnuts, and they are not just buying one but quite a few. They are reasonably priced and fresh. What else do you want from a doughnut?

Address: 317 S Broadway A-1, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Website: The Donut Man