So I have been trying to get this place before it disappeared.  However, since all my spending in the first week of Wellington on a Plate went towards trying the burgers in the competition this Pop-up restaurant went on the back burner.  However, one night I had a chance to go try it and gee I was very glad that i decided to go.  Rockwell and Sons won best burger last year in Australia and I just needed to try it.

So the first time I went (and yes I went several times because I just had to try all the other different burgers).  I went with my cousin K and we decided to order two burgers and have half each.  The burgers we ordered were the Double Patty Smash Burger and the Double Patty Lamb Smash Burger.  Now I was very pleased to see that they also served tater tots with the burgers.  The tater tots even though they were factory made I do love them, crispy grated potato.  You can however, get really bad tater tots where they are soaked in oil and not even crispy.  These were not.  They were crunchy and had just enough salt on them and every time I went back they were always the same.  So well done on that one.  The burgers were fantastic.  Both the burgers were fantastic! The bun was a brioche bun and just basically melted in your mouth.  The Double Patty was nicely cooked and just was so clean in flavour and everything just worked like a typical beef burger should.  Nothing was over powering and all just worked well.  The Lamb, however, was the better of the two that I tried.  Besides the change in patty they also had a yogurt sauce in it and it was outstanding.  Kind of like a souvlaki, but meat in a patty and in a burger with a brioche bun.  Yum!


Another day I went to try their Fillet o Fish and again I was not disappointed. The fish was in a batter not crumbed, but it was crisp and the fish beautifully cooked.  Also it had a cheese and a house made tart sauce that just complimented the burger.  Outstanding.  Again the bun was so good and there is just no comparison to that other fillet o fish you can get.


I did also hear through the grapevine that Rockwell were very fussy with their burger bun.  They asked several bakeries to make them and they did not like any of them.  So apparently they asked a bakery to make a bun specially for them.  Also what I heard was they asked the bakery to make around 500 buns a day, a rather interesting amount especially with population on Wellington and that they were not the only people serving one-off burgers.

I went back for a third time and tried the Lexington Pork Sandwich.  Now I was surprised when it came to me, as it was actually a burger not a sandwich.  However, i did take a bite and was blown away.  It was a pulled pork burger beautifully cooked, with a really good spice and sourness to it.  Was  totally refreshing and again a great burger.


Now that I had tried four of the burgers.  Really to decide which one is better is so hard.  I think though the lamb and pork were the best of the two I tried.

Rockwell and sons is a restaurant based in Melbourne and I would love to compare the burger to Huxtaburger.  I love Huxtaburger and would be very interesting to put them side by side. Buxtaburger was also a finalist in the burger competition would love to see what the different in marking  was.  At least I know when I go back to Melbourne (which is in January) what I will be having for a meal.