IMG_2848So my second event for Wellington on a Plate.  I have always loved Fratelli.  If you want to go for some good italian food, this is where to go.  I go about once every four months and every time I go, I never am disappointed.  I think they make the best gnocchi in Wellington.  It is so light and fluffy, just magical.

So I decided to book tickets for their pizza tasting, with a insiders guide on how they make their pizzas.  I was excited for this event especially to learn some of the tricks of the trade.  So my friend and I went a long.  We got to meet one of the brothers that owns the business with his other brother, Carlos.  Very much a character and the head chef of the restaurant.  While his brother is usually front of house. We learnt how they make their dough and all the tricks that go to making it.  Also learnt that with their wood fire pizza over, it only takes 5-7 minutes for their pizzas to cook.

There was a menu given to us.  It was a sample of the different pizzas they make at Fratelli.  We also learnt how they make their dough for their pizzas and how to prepare it and roll it out.  Is a very interesting demonstrate and technique used.

So we started with their garlic bread.  Now I always order this as it is so good and now they I have learnt how they make it.  Besides having a wood fire pizza oven, I can make it at home.  I learnt how they do prepare their garlic and garlic oil, which I have already done at home and have already used a bit of it. It is really easy, all it is is to deal garlic and then cover it in olive oil and cook on a medium low heat for an hour.  The smell that comes out of the oven is heavenly and just so good with all different dishes.  I have used it for pasta, but also for stir-fry vegetables and salads.  yum!

IMG_2852Next it was all about sampling the different pizzas.  We had four pizzas to try each of them very different in their own way.  Their Margheritta was very clean and the mozzarella they use and so nice and creamy.  We tried some by it self and it was just solo good.  Such a simple pizza but just so effective.  Also learnt how they make their tomato base, which was just so simple.  Good quality tinned tomatoes with sea salt.  That is it, simple but effective and clean.

I also learnt that they source mainly all their ingredients from Italy, through a supplier in Auckland.  I do slightly disagree that they do not get stuff from NZ.  However, as Carlo saids it is just hard and actually quite expensive.

Next pizza was the Quattro Formaggi, my favourite pizza at Fratelli and usually the pizza I order wherever I have an italian wood fire pizza.  An interesting fact though in Melbourne in Lygon St.  I never see it on the menu, but who really eats italian in Lygon St.  So the four chess pizza.  I can never get enough of this pizza, especially with the gorgonzola.  yum!

The next pizza was Capricciosa, The only pizza that had meat on it that night.  Carlo does not put his prosciutto in the oven and put is after the pizza is cooked.  Mainly because it loses it taste and texture.  I agree, also the prosciutto turns into crispy bacon (good, but not on a wood fire pizza).

IMG_2844Last pizza was Puttanesca, or the whores pizza. LOL.  Basically it is easy to make and it is fast (if my memory serves me correctly). LOL.  It is such a simple but effective pizza but has to have anchovies in it to give it that bit of extra taste.

Overall a very nice night and got to sample five different pizzas, including the garlic bread.  I would have never had the chance to try all these different pizzas unless I went to this.  Was such a great night and i learnt a lot.  A funny story to meeting Carlos, he recognised me and my friend, but only knew us by our dishes.  Funny.  Oh and one last thing.  The Dom Post did a review of Fratelli and guess who appears in the picture (link here).  LOL!!!!!