So I finally went to the Trade Kitchen for dinner.  I have always wanted to go as I have heard some good things about the place, but it is in the part of town where I usually do not go to as I really do not have any reason to go to the suits quarter of Welly City.  However, I saw on Grabone a dinner special so I took up the special and the opportunity.

So my friend and I went on a Thursday night and even though I knew they were not going to be busy, I was a good boy and booked.  We arrived at 6.30 and looked at the menu.  It is a very compact menu with four entrees, four mains and four desserts.  I decided to go for the Roast bone marrow w salsa verde & grilled bread. My Roast bone marrow was beautifully cooked with a very nice garlic salsa verde.  I did wish, however, that I had an extra piece of bread just to soak up the leftover garlic salsa verde.  It was very beautifully presented and looked like it was going to be an enjoyable dish before I went in for the kill.  


My main I ordered the Potato gnocchi with bacon, broccoli and tomato herb sauce.(on the menu the spelt broccoli as brocolli lolWhen it arrived at my table, I felt it didn’t look all that presentable and kind of lacked the presentation I had with my entree.  Nothing special with the bacon with grilled cheese on top and I tasted the broccoli and it was slightly over cooked for my liking.  All crunch from the vegetable had gone and was more slushy.  The gnocchi well lets say it was more potato mash than gnocchi.  It lacked firmness, which I presume it was over cooked and did not have enough flour in the gnocchi to combine the potato.  On a side note, my friend had the pan fried fish with potato mash and I tried the potato mash and could not honestly tell the difference between the mash and the gnocchi.  Really disappointed.  It kind of looked like the potato was piped on with the tomato and other stuff on top.


So there it is my review of Trade Kitchen.  Do not think i will be going back anytime in the near future even with a grab one voucher. Sorry Trade Kitchen.