My cousin and I decided to try out Cicio Cacio Osteria for Mother’s Day dinner, we were going to try some other places, but they did not take bookings and my family do not like waiting for tables, so we decided to try this place.  I have heard a many a good things about this place, so I wanted to try it and now had a good excuse to try it.  The whole menu is in Italian and all the staff are as well.  The staff were very nice especially our waitress as when everyone arrived at my table she went through the whole menu in English for us and was very patient with the other members of my party, who were always asking questions. As we were a table of eight, we decided to try every entree and before they came we were given freshly baked bread, which was very nice and still warm as hey were sitting underneath the heat lamps.

Crostini di pate’ Toscani

A platter of three different pates.  I only manage to try three of the two and I had no idea which one was which.  However, I preferred the lighter of the two that I tired, which is the paler one in the photo.


Antipestino misto

A variety of cured meats, olives, feta and cheese.  They cure their own meats, and their ham although a bit fatty had a very nice flavour to it.  Also he felt was very nice and as was the salami.


Piccoli fritti Romani

A plate of deep fried goodness.  There were arancini balls and deep fried anchovies, which were surprisingly very nice and not salty at all.  They cooked the whole fish, so you could see the head and eyes.  If I went again I would either order the antipasto or this dish.


Pappardelle al ragu di agnello e zafferano

The serving size of this dish is quite deceiving.  The pasta is handmade and is the widest pappardelle I have had.  The lamb ragu was very nice but slightly salty by it self.  However, with the pasta it was very nice.  The sauce stack to the pasta and had a nice amount of Parmesan on top.   Was slightly hard to eat with a knife and fork as when I eat pasta I generally use a spoon and fork so it is easier to spin the pasta onto the fork, but that is my problem.



This is a very nice tiramisu.  Not too rich and had a good amount of alcohol in it.Yummy



This was also I nice desert.  There is only two desert options, so my mum got one and I got the other.  The Cannoli had mascarpone with chocolate chips and pistachios.  The shell looked slightly burnt, but it did not taste like it and was nice and crisp.  The dish was not too rich and both deserts were nice to finish the meal with.


Overall a very nice place for dinner.  The staff were very nice and patient especially with the people on my table.  I would like to go again and try their Florentine steak.

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