Had the opportunity to go to Ti Kouka for Brunch.  I had not been for a while and I am at the moment trying to  use my vouchers that are in my Entertainment Book.  It is really hard for me to go into town for lunch and that Ti Kouka only do Lunch and Weekend Brunch the majority of the time I do find it hard to get there.  Ti Kouka is owned by the same people as Leed Street Bakery which I visit more frequently (Blog post here).  All their bakery and sweet goods are made there and when I visit either two of the places I always have to make sure someone at my table orders a Salted Caramel Cookie so I can have some, I think it is the best cookie in Wellington.

Pulled Pork Roll

So I could not decide between the Pulled Pork Roll and the Corned Beef Burger.  I asked the waitress and she recommended the pulled pork so I decided towards that.  The food came out pretty fast and I was impressed with the presentation of the roll, even though it looks more like a burger.  I did have difficulty eating it though when using my hands, as the bun was chewy and was hard to take a bite without the contents slipping out on the other side, so I ended up using my cutlery.  Once I took off the top it was easier to eat.  The pork was nicely cooked but slightly on the salty side, but when you added in the apple chutney it was a lot nicer and not as salty.  Had nice amount of lettuce and seeded mustard.  I thought they were a bit mean on the red onion as there was only one slice and very very thin.


Chunky Cut Chips

These are very nice chips, but not as good as Larder.  They came with a side of Aioli, home-made tomato sauce and harissa.  Each sauce is very nice and I preferred the harissa the best and did feel they were a bit light on the aioli.IMG_4986

Overall a very nice meal and yes I will go back.  I do not think I would order the fries as I side dish if I am the only one eating them as there is a lot of them.  I thought the roll was very well-rounded and overall a good place for brunch.  I am surprised though that both their vegetarian and normal Big Breakfast though is $25

Website; Ti Kouka