Tommy Millons is a great takeaway shop in Courtenay Place and just celebrated it’s third birthday.  It is great when you need something fast, cheap or towards the end of the night.  It has good pizzas and when they are no more than $5.50 a slice it is not too bad.  I do prefer the pizzas from their sister shop; Scopa, as I prefer the Italian style of pizza verses the American.  However, they are still good, especially when you can put chilli oil on it instead of the chilli flakes and it is fast.  You can also buy they as a whole pizza and even call ahead so it is ready when you arrive.

Organic Soft Serve

To celebrate their third birthday they have introduced an Organic soft serve and they gave it away for free on the day of their birthday.  It was a bit crazy of me to go eat a soft serve when it was 8 degrees but as it was free, I said why not.  I have tried an Organic soft serve from Super Duper Burgers in San Francisco, and I was interested to see how Tommy Millions compare.  I decided to try both the chocolate and vanilla, which you can get mixed together in a swirl.  I also got some almond praline put on top.

I was very impressed with the soft serve, the chocolate flavour is nice and strong and not overly sweet.  The vanilla is slightly sweeter in taste, but the vanilla flavour is not as strong.  It is creamy in consistency and overall very nice and can see myself eating this on a more regular basis when it warms up.  The almond praline was a nice toping and thankfully was not very sweet and complimented the soft serve very well.  The best thing actually was the cone.  It was fresh, crisp and had a nice flavour.

IMG_5355 (1)

As I said Tommy Millions is a great little takeaway shop in the middle of the city.  Yes it is a shame they have taken away the gelato, but I think that the soft serve is a good idea as Wellington is starting to be over saturated with gelato.

Website; Tommy Millions