The Ramen Shop was originally a popup eatery around Wellington, but opened it’s permanent location in Newtown in April 2014.  It has sold it’s self as an eatery that makes their own ramen noodles, which I think is the only place in Wellington that I know of.

Tonkotsu Shoyu; Pork broth, pork belly, fried onion, spring onion, egg, nori

The Pork belly is nicely cooked and has a nice seasoning that does not over power the flavour of the pork, and was slightly crisp as I think was either pan fried or cooked in the oven. The broth is very flavoursome and has a nice depth to it from the pork bones, which I presume they use to make the broth. The egg is beautifully cooked; it is not cooked for long at all and the egg white is just showing its non-translucent colour. I think they cook it less than a minute even 45 seconds. The nori adds a very nice contrasting flavour to the broth and the fried onion which is actually deep fried shallots is a very nice addition. The noodles are beautifully cooked and slightly el dente and had a nice texture.


Overall I was very impressed with this place.  I do think the servings are slightly too small and I would prefer to pay a bit more and get a bit more than what you get and pay for at the moment.  I will go back and try their other dishes, but i do question what you pay for especially if you want extras in your ramen, $2 for spring onions. I hope it is the whole spring onion.

Website; The Ramen Shop