This is the second time I have written about this place. I decided to go back as I was in Newtown and wanting something to eat. I was impressed the last time I ate here, but I was interested to try their other dishes.

Dashi Waffle with Chicken Karaage & Okonomiyaki sauce


The reason to come to The Ramen Shop was to try this dish; their interpretation of fried chicken and waffles.  The chicken was nicely cooked, nicely seasoned and had a slight crunch to it. The waffles were good and tasted good with the chicken. I did find the waffles a bit weird with Japanese mayonnaise. However, with the ginger, the okonomiyaki sauce, the chicken and the waffle, it worked all surprisingly well.

Spicy Tonkotsu


From memory this is the same dish as their Tonkotsu. The only difference is the pickled and toasted chilli. I thought this would be more different than just the addition of these two elements. However, the broth was very nice, but the chilli did not do anything to the spiciness of the broth. The noodles were very nice but again, I say the serving is small. I am not sure how they cook the egg, but it is very nice and the pork is nicely pan cooked and seasoned.

Overall this place is good.  However, again the serving size of the ramen is small. I do not think the staff are overall that nice. They just go through the motions but are fast at clearing the tables and bring the food out. Unfortunately if you are wanting ramen there are not many alternatives in Wellington.  I just wish there was more competition that everyone would just up their game.

Previous Visit; July 2015

Website; The Ramen Shop

Address; 191 Riddiford St, Newtown, Wellington