Little Penang – Wellington

I had a last minute available ticket for a NZ Festival show and asked “Velma” to see if she wanted to come. She was free and decided come with. As we had not seen each other for a while, I suggested we catch up for a quick dinner and she suggested we go to Little Penang.  I have not been here for a while and thought it was a good suggestion.

Char Mee


I suppose this is a Little Penang’s Char Keow Teow but made with egg noodles. I usually order the Mee Goreng. However, as I was in a slight hurry to eat, I decided to order the Char Mee as when I usually order the Mee Goreng without peanuts, I get peanuts with it. I really liked this dish and I think it will be my next go to dish here. The only down side is that they cook the noodles with pieces of fat. It makes the dish taste nice but not all that appealing when you think of it.

Little Penang is a great place for a fast meal. If you decided to have lunch here or take-away it is cheaper, which is a bonus. I just wish that they make a Curry Laksa, and I wonder what their’s would taste like.

Previous Visit; May 2015

Facebook; Little Penang

Address; 40 Dixon St, Te Aro, Wellington

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