A lot of people have been talking about this Food Truck.  I have seen it around but never felt like Souvlaki as I also seem to wait until I am in Melbourne to eat them.  The reason why is because Melbourne has a big Greek Community and they cook their meats on coals and it gives the meat a nice smokey taste and every time I eat them in Wellington they are just not the same.  However, I had not been to Melbourne for a while and felt like a Souvlaki.

Souvlaki Mititei


I decided to try the grilled Mititei, which is a beef and pork skinless sausage with tomato, red onion, chips and tzatziki sauce wrapped in toasted pita bread. This was very nice.  I decided not to go for the beef or chicken due to not cooking the meal on coals. However, this was very nice.  The pita bread was warm and fresh and the tzatziki sauce was fantastic.    The Mititei was also very nice.  I did wish they added more tomato, chips and or red onion just to fill the souvlaki up, but overall a very nice souvlaki.

Overall I was impressed with this food truck.  Wellington does not have many places that offer souvlaki and I enjoyed this souvlaki.  Does it compare to souvlaki in Melbourne, well no.  However, for Wellington they are good.

Website; The Greek Food Truck