Went to catch up with a group of friends for lunch and they decided to go to Beach Babylon because there is free car parking outside, in a slightly central location and good with infant , which gets two thumbs up already.  I discovered my friends actually come here on a regular basis, where for me this is maybe the second time I have been here, since it open many years ago and I could not remember what their food was like. My friends had already decided for me what I was going to eat as they were talking about how good the rosti was.

The Famous Rosti

So the dish comes with two handmade potato rosti, with hollandaise sauce and I decided to have it with Bacon.  Overall the dish was very nice. The two rostis were well cooked, sorted in the middle and crisp on the outside. The bacon was nice and crisp and the hollandaise sauce was very nice and everything matched very well.  However, I do not understand why serve something where half the plate can still be seen once the food has been placed on the dish. The serving size of the food looks really small in comparison to the plate. Also only two bits of bacon.  I think the dish can be improved upon, add more bacon and maybe add some garnish that covers more of the plate, maybe a grilled tomato.


Overall a nice place to eat, maybe the best on Oriental Bay.  Service was good and gets really busy even on a week day. I was tempted to have a piece of their carrot cake but my friends wanted gelato instead.

Website; Beach Babylon