My friend L is back for three months after living in Germany for a couple of years and then off to live in London in two weeks.  It was a nice morning and she felt like having lunch outside and wanted to walk along the waterfront.  We met outside the Railway station at mid day and I discovered that there is a Sushi Bi outlet outside and I remember that there was a Grabone voucher on offer yesterday, so I looked online and found the coupon and bought the $10 voucher; 10 pieces of sushi ad a cop of miso.

Curry Bomb

I do not think this is a typical Japanese food.  It was teriyaki chicken with curried rice and then crumbed and deep fried.  It was rather intriguing so I decided to try one.  Unfortunately it was not temperature hot.  The outer skin was crisp, the rice was nicely flavoured and the chicken was nice.  Overall not bad and nothing i have seen at the other Sushi Bi outlets.


Selection of Sushi

Overall very nice.  For me I generally always pick the ends as there is always more filling compared to the other pieces.  Not many people go for it as it looks more on the uglier side.  However, if you want more bang for your buck these are the pieces go for.

The Salmon was fresh and the rice is nicely seasoned.  I usually like their salmon and cream cheese and their  nigiri salmon sushi, where the salmon is on top of the rice, then salmon is grilled with a blow torch and then  Japanese mayo on top.  Tried their nigiri with octopus, was surprised that the octopus was not entirely cooked, but was very nice and interesting texture.  Also tried their tradition teriyaki chicken and prawn nigiri.  Overall very nice.


Miso Soup

Was very nice and very different to the packet ones I buy from the supermarket.  Was a bit more sweeter and not as strong, but very nice.

Overall good sushi at Sushi Bi.  I usually go to their Willis Street outlet after 4pm as that is when they introduce half price sushi.  I have also noticed that a lot of the other sushi eateries are doing the same.  It is great to see that the different Sushi Bi outlets do some different things.  I did notice that the Railway station outlet still has a industrial deep frier in it from its prior owners and good to see that Sushi Bi is using it and offering different things.

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