Have been wanting to try this place for a while and never really got around to it.  I suppose it is a little Italian delicatessen that sells food you can eat in and takeaway but also fresh pasta and sauce that you can cook at home that they produce on site.  I decided to go for a walk and weirdly enough saw my mate C and we were talking on the street and he asked what I was doing and I said I was going to get lunch and maybe try Bongusto.  I asked if he wanted to join and he said why not as he thought he was rostered on to work but read it wrong so had the day free.

Speck and Beetroot Ravioli with free range pork sausage and zucchini with creamy sauce

The dish arrived very fast and was surprised how generous they are with their serving of ravioli.  I was surprised how much parmesan cheese was on the pasta.  However, I was not complaining as I love fresh parmesan cheese.  The ravioli was nicely cooked and still had a bit of bite to it.  The filling surprisingly did not leak into sauce but when you cut into the ravioli the purple colour from the beetroot had such a great visual contrast from the white of the cream sauce and the fresh pasta.  The ravioli tasted very nice. The cream sauce was not overpowering and not too creamy.  The zucchini was nice and the pork sausage had a nice contrast in flavour to the ravioli.  Overall a nice dish.


Mille feuille

I am a sucker for a mille feuille or more commonly known as a custard square.  I know there are differences between the two and the mille feuille is more elegant.  The mille feuille is not the best one I have had.  I am not a fan of the cream at the top, but i did like the glazed brown sugar on the top.  The creme patisserie was more solid custard than a cream and the fluffy pastry was alright.


Bongusto has been in Miramar for a while and I was surprised to see how busy they get.   The menu changes daily when it comes to their food.  The pasta changes, the soup, sandwiches and panini.  The only thing that does not change is their pizza selection.  They are very good at social media and post the menu daily so you know what they are selling for the day.

Facebook Page; Bongusto