Decided to dine somewhere towards upper Cuba Street.  Looked on my Entertainment book app and saw that Grill Meats Beer was on there, so V and I decided to dine there for dinner.  A had heard a few things had changed since I went there when it first opened, mainly chips now came with burgers  Wellington is a competitive market and it is great to see people are voting with their wallets and eateries making adjustments to their menus and listening to their customers.

J.F.C. with Sriracha Mayo

This is V’s favourite dish here and she ordered it as a starter.  They are very easy to eat and they are well cooked and seasoned.  The Sriracha mayo was nice and had a nice kick to it.


Spicy Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Cream and Celery Sticks

When these came to the table I was happy as they just looked like the ones you will get in the States.  However, unfortunately I felt they were not spicy enough and had no kick to them.  Also the Blue Cheese cream had no real substance to it in terms of taste and you could hardly taste the blue cheese.  Great to see the celery sticks.  However, weird that there were carrots as well.


The Bull & Pig

This burger had wagyu beef, bacon aioli, smoked cheddar, Bacon and Epic Hot zombie chilli sauce inside and and you had the option of chilli fries or normal fries, and I ordered the chilli fries.  This thing was big and I cannot believe I ate the whole thing.  The fries were coated with a chilli sauce and were very nice, but again not that hot.  The burger could not be eaten with your hand and I had to use cutlery, which I really do not like doing when eating a burger.  Overall the burger was really nice.  The patty was really good.  It was nicely cooked to medium-rare and you could see the pink in the meat when you cut into it.  The bacon was very nice and the aioli and pickles were great.  The smoked cheddar was nice and on the strong side and gave the burger a smokey taste.  However, did not manage to feel the chilli sauce which was a shame.


With the adjustments to the menu I think this place now gets a steady flow of people.  Even though you may feel the prices are slightly on the expensive side, the serving sizes are big and I struggled to finish my dinner.   The service was very fast and onto it.  Maybe a bit too fast as my bigger arrived before I finished my wings.  Overall a good place to get a good burger.

Website; Grill Meats Beer