After my walk and seeing the seals at Red Rocks, A and I were hungry and wanted to have a late Brunch/Lunch.  We decided to drive up to Brooklyn and discovered Brooklyn Deli.  I think this is a slightly new place as I do not remember this place being here when I was last at the Penthouse Cinema.

Flat White

They use Havana beans here which I was happy about.  The Flat White was alright but not fantastic.  The cup they use for a Flat white is too big and in turn the coffee is not as strong and there is more milk than I am use to in my flat whites, taste more like a latte than a flat white, which was unfortunate.


Brooklyn Max

A lightly toasted rye sandwich with Emmental cheese, leg ham, beetroot, chives and fried eggs.  This was a very nice sandwich.  They make their own bread and shave off the ham from a leg that they have near the counter.  The bread was nicely toasted and the crust was nice and crisp.  The ham was beautiful and the melted cheese was very good.  Add on top of that the eggs and the beetroot make it a very nice dish.


Carrot Cake

The cake was alright.  They use almond meal I think, instead of flour, so the cake crumbles.  There was a lot of cream cheese icing on the cake which was nice, but I do not understand why some places dust cinnamon on the cream, it is so 2000’s.  I did feel the cake was over priced at $7.50 and was surprised to see how small the slice was.


Overall not a bad place.  I would go again, but not order the cake.  The counter staff are very onto it.  However, I did feel the kitchen was a bit slow in producing our food, especially as the place was not full.  The deli is strongly german influenced by the looks of it and the counter food looked very nice and if I go again I would like to try their apple strudel.

Facebook Page – Brooklyn Deli