Was in the city doing some business on a a Sunday.  I have to say it is quite hard to do things in Sunday as still there is quite a few places closed, including getting something to eat on the cheap. I was hungry and went to Capital Markets and decided to try a food stall and decided upon Where’s Charlie one of two Vietnamese stalls at the Market.

Spring Rolls

These were really nice Vietnamese Spring Rolls.  They were lightly deep fried and inside there was pork with vermicelli, carrot, mushroom and wood ear fungus. On the side was some nice carrots, finely chopped cabbage and dipping sauce. The spring rolls were of good size with good amount of filling inside.

Signature Pho

Overall very nice and one of the best in wellington. The beef was cut nicely and was just right when I ate it. The Pho was very nice in flavour with lots of depth. Unfortunately the bean sprouts, lemon were on top of the soup and not on the side. Also they used spring onions and coriander and instead of mint. Lots of hoisin and chilli sauce on the side dish that you could add to your Pho.


I was surprised to see how busy the market was when I arrived for lunch.  It reminded me of the days of the Wakefield Market and the awesome food stalls they had there.  There is a lot of choices to go to and if you are looking for Vietnamese at this market I would recommend going to Where Charlie’s.

Website; Where’s Charlie