I decided to go for another cheap eat as I am saving my $$ for Wellington on a Plate which starts next week.  I decided to go to Capital Market and see if anything would tempt me.  I am still surprised at how busy this place gets.  So busy that it looks like they are taking away the empty space that shops use to be and installing more kitchens for other food stalls.  A very smart move and will be interesting to see what other places open up.  I walked past Smokin’ Hot BBQ and Grill and saw some good sized BBQ pork buns and even though I hardly eat them, I started having a craving for them.

BBQ Pork Bun

The steamed bun is a lot bigger than the ones you get at yum cha.  They also look a lot nice and more appetising.  The overall pork bun wasn’t bad and actually quite nice. The bun and very nice and had a good bouncy texture and not dry. The filling was nice chopped, was not coloured red and had nice flavours but slightly a bit too salty for me but not as bad as the ones you get at yum cha.


One day I will try the other offerings at this place.  I have never had Filipino BBQ, so watch this space.