Decided to try this place for lunch as it is one of the newest foodstuffs at the Capital market.  As I said in the previous post, this place is getting busy and they are busy renovating the place to include more eateries and taking away spaces for shops.  All the food stall spaces are now used, so no surprise they are replacing the empty shops and installing more cooking facilities.

Seafood Laksa

So my food quest to find the best laksa in Wellington continues.  I am actually surprised at hard it is to find a good laksa in Wellington.  No surprise that this laksa uses frozen seafood; prawns, shrimps, fish balls, crab sticks.  What is disappointing is the squid was more rubbery than it can be and the prawns had no crunch to them. The Laksa was nice and spicy hot. No apologies here, which is great. Lots of noodles, good amount of bean sprouts. Soup is curry based and you can see the spices in the curry paste stick to the noodles and I do not think they put any shrimp paste in this laksa.  Due to seeing the spices the soup is quite grainy., which is a shame  The bonus is, the serving was big.


Roti Bread

A nice roti that was crisp and not dried out. I presumed it was going to be average as I do not think they make their own but I could be mistaken as it tasted fresh. It was not too sweet and was better than average.


Overall the laksa was not too flash and I am not going to order it again.  I will go back and try their mee goreng and other dishes though.