Wellington on a Plate starts next week.  I am excited and cannot wait to try out what Wellington has to offer in terms of this food festival.  It is a money winner for Wellington and it is great to see that Lux Light Festival comes back as well for another year.

I am, however, slightly disappointed.  None of the food events have really grabbed me this year.  There is nothing really grabbing me.  If I have a chance I will go to the following;

Garage Project Milk Bar

I unfortunately not really a drinker.  However, the reason I would to this, is because that Rockwell and Sons are coming back and serving their Fried Chicken.  I went to their fried chicken event last year and it was good fried chicken.  I also interested in trying Dough Mamma’s Pies, and Wooden Spoon Ice Cream.

Hannah’s Laneway Commons

I love Hannah’s Lane.  It is a great little spot in Wellington and will be great to see what the eateries in the Laneway will do.

In terms of Restaurants, this is what I am excited about when it comes to Wellington on a Plate for 2015. Place I will try to visit include

Jano Bistro

I have always wanted to try this place, and their set menu sounds really nice especially their Whittaker’s chocolate dessert.


Their jerk chicken burger sounds good.

Ortega Fish Shack & Bar

Always wanted to try this place, so much so I have already booked to go to this place and try their Wellington on a Plate menu


Their paua and prime pork patty in a squid ink bun sounds interesting and really nice.  Going to go to this place with workmates and have already booked.

Restaurant 88

If you have ready my blog, you will know why I will be going here, the Bahn mi burger.  No more needs to be said.


The burger sounds really good and a deal if you decide to go at lunchtime.  Also I like to support the Bresolin brothers.

Cafe Polo & The Larder

Both burgers sound good and love to support business in my hood.

There are the places I would like to visit.  Not sure how many of these places I will go to, but I will try and go to all of them.  I might have to go with a friend and only order one burger between the both of us and then go somewhere else and try another burger. Bring on Wellington on a Plate 2015.