With my Instagram account I subscribe to several food accounts around NZ and this came up in my Instagram feed and when I saw it I was slightly excited, as I love trying what the Wellington Chocolate Factory produce.

The Great War Bar


The first thing you notice is how cool the packaging is and the artwork on the wrapper.  When you open it up you then see the broken bits of ANZAC biscuit floating on the chocolate.  When you bite into it, it is not overly sweet and overpowering. Everything is subtle and works really well. They use their milk chocolate which has coconut sugar, which gives it a nice hint of coconut. It also has bits of oats, nuts and other ingredients that make up the Anzac basic crumbs that are not mixed into the chocolate but a dropped on top, which makes a very cool photo. Overall a very nice flavour and very easy to eat.  Also some of the profits will be donated to the Great War exhibit, which is pretty awesome by the way and a must see.