Was in town and wanted to try somewhere that was on the cheaper side and also part of Wellington on a Plate, so I headed to Laundry.  I have been here a couple of times and it is a good alternative to Ekim Burgers if you want some shelter from the weather and you want a burger.

Smoked Jerk Chicken Burger

This burger was not bad, nothing special. It had a nice smoked flavour from the chicken and nicely cooked with a nice fresh coleslaw. Tamarillo salsa was very nice and gave a slight tart taste to the burger. The bun was from Arobake and was nothing special in terms of the flavour.  The hand cut fries were nice but slightly over seasoned and a bit soggy for my liking.


I gave this burger a six out of ten, the reason is, there is nothing really special or original in terms of combination of flavours except for the tamarillo salsa.  I did think it was great they did not use a beef patty but it was nothing to go wow about.

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