Sunday my quest was to try some burgers.  V and I decided to try two places; Cafe Polo and the Larder.  We decided to be a bit cheeky and only order a burger at each place and share the burger between us.  I did feel a bit guilty only ordering one burger and taking two seats as both were very busy.


What a burger! Very nice first up. Nice and spicy chipotle with a good kick hitting the back of the palette. The chicken was nicely cooked and crumbed, not dry and seasoned well. Their pickles (which they make) are really so nice and have a good flavour. The slaw was nice and fresh and the hint of cheese was great with the sauce. The milk bun was nice and fresh and very easy to eat. Nice touch was the tortilla chips that look like they are made onsite and have a good seasoning to them.  I also had to have their potatoe hash on the side.


My rating of this burger is 9 out of 10.  The burger I felt was original and had some good contrasting flavours that worked really well.  I thought the bun was very nice.  Also Cafe Polo have a great competition, if you receive a burger without sesame seeds the burger is free.  Again great service from Cafe Polo.

Website; Cafe Polo