Fourth place to visit during Wellington on a Plate.  Every place that I have been to I have ordered the burger. What is going to change? Nothing.  I came with a party of 10 from work.  It took some time for us to decide where to go that everyone was happy with and we all finally decided to go to Plum Cafe.  As a side note, I was surprised to see overall how dead town was especially Cuba mall.  However, in retrospect it was a Monday night.

For Richer, For Pāuā

What a great name for a burger.  When I first looked through the booklet this was one of the burgers I wanted to try.  Moana Pacific pāuā and PrimeStar pork patty with caramelised pineapple, pickled cucumber in a Zaida’s squid ink bun, with salt and vinegar chips and Kiwi onion dip.

First off I have to say how cool it was presented.  Served on a long plate, with the chips served in a pāuā shell and the squid ink bun.  The chips (potato chips) were very nice and looked like they were made on site and dipping them in the kiwi onion dip was just delicious.  The onion dip was just spot on and was made on site verses the classic packet stuff. The Burger was definitely the main event.  The pāuā and pork patty was just great and well seasoned with good sized pieces of pāuā mixed into the pork.  Adding the pickled cucumber just bought out that seafood flavour that lemon does and then with the pineapple and squid ink bun made it a very good match.  Yum!


I decided to go for dessert, but went off the regular menu not the Wellington on a Plate set menu.  The Beignets had Wellington Chocolate Factory dark chocolate inside, with plums and creme anglaise.  These beignets were beautifully cooked and having the chocolate inside was lovely.  Adding in the plums and creme anglaise just made the dessert very nice and not too rich.


Overall I was very impressed with the burger and I gave it 10 out of 10.  I just really loved it and it worked. The paua was the key to this burger and it made the burger, made it different and added in the x-factor to the burger.  Well Done Plum Cafe.

Website; Plum Cafe