Joe’s Pizza – New York

We were walking around West Village and I mentioned that I had not tried a New York style pizza on this trip. So Voltron and Phoebe suggested this place. “Mr T” and I then decided to try this place.

Mozzarella PIzza Slice


Base is so supper thin and so tasty. The tomato base is so fresh and so natural and taste like nothing else is added to the tomatoe base. The Mozzarella cheese is super good and so fresh.

Regular Pizza Slice


Basic is just so good and it runs out the window so fast. So many people lining up and grabbing a slice. I had it with garlic salt, chilli flakes, parmesan. Soo good. Glad I had this slice slice.



Because I liked the pizza so much I ended up going back, and I tried their pepperoni since. Again a very nice pizza with a nice and simple fresh tomato base and thin dough.  The pepperoni was very nice but I forgot how oily it can be.  I added on the garlic salt and chili flakes and it was just as good as the others. Yum!

Interesting fact; apaper toy some out of state pizza places, that say they serve New York style pizza. Actually get New York water trucked to their eateries to make it taste more like the originally New York pizza. Pizza here is just so good and very popular.

Website; Joe’s Pizza

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