“Phoebe” and “Voltron” discovered I have a little liking towards spring rolls and suggested I try Sam’s Spring Rolls. They said that it will be more fusion and I should give it a try. They do have other things on the menu besides spring rolls, but I decided just to try all four different spring rolls, the four different sauces.



Vegetarian spring roll with potato and carrot. Rather nice and good with the different sauces. Not that spicy at all and didn’t see any peas.


Hard to tell it is pork but also filled with vermicelli, carrot and leek. Was alright.


Hard to tell you are eating beef compared to the pork. Also has vermicelli and carrot.

Cumin Chicken

Of course this one was easy to tell the difference due to the cumin and has a nice cumin taste to it.



Nice and spicy dipping sauce but rather not too hot and rather watery compared to other sauces. Can taste the fish sauce.

Creamy Chimichurri

My least favorite. A bit too tangy for me with a weird rather weird woody flavour to it.

Ginger and Scallion

Nice sauce goes well with the spring rolls a bit too salty though.

Creamy Verde

A nice hot creamy sauce with some good flavors in the sauce.

Overall I feel my cousin’s over hyped this place as I was not totally blown away by the spring rolls. My favorite would be the chicken and cumin with the ginger and scallion dipping sauce. This place is just average nothing special from my point of view.

Websites; Sam’s Spring Rolls