Donut Plant – New York

My cousin’s also suggested going to Donut Plant after trying Sam’s Spring Rolls as they were just around the corner from each other. Over the years, my love for donuts have deceased but Phoebe and Voltron said it was worth going and I should at least try them.

Apple and Cinnamon – doughseeds


Very light donut and fluffy dough. Not overly sweet and nice cream filing that is not over powering with the Apple or cinnamon. Very nice!

Pumpkin – doughseeds


Nice smooth cream with a nice pumpkin taste. Again not over powering but nicely flavoured and tastes a bit like pumpkin pie. Has a caramelised pumpkin seeds on top. Very nice as well!

Manhattan Cream – doughseeds


A bit of a twist on A Boston creme. Very nice dark chocolate glaze and nice creamy custard inside. Again not overly sweet with a nice lingering dark chocolate taste.

Creme Brulee – doughseeds


Wow. Toffee top that crunches when you bit into it and a nice vanilla cream inside with some bits of vanilla inside. My favourite but most probably the worse one for me. Could not imagine eating a large/normal size one.

Coconut – Filled Square Donut


Another fluffy and airy dough. Nice coconut flavour and coconut glaze. Their square donuts are too big for my liking but still nice.

Overall very nice donuts at this place. I preferred the creme burlee donut. It was so good. Overall the donut dough is very airy and fluffy and this place is a must try when in NYC.  Also must be chop as saw a police officer walk in and purchasing some.

Website: Donut Plant


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