“Voltron” posted a picture of some curled up ice cream on Instagram and I was intrigued. I messaged him about it when I was in NZ and when I found out that I was going to NYC I had to hunt this place down. The place that he took the photo at was a bit too far to go when we wanted it so we went to 10Below that do the same thing but different favorites in Chinatown.

I Live You Latte


This was a big serving of ice cream rolls. My flavor was coffee and chocolates and on top of my ice cream I got; condensed milk, more chocolate chips as some tiny biscuit wafers. It was really nice but filling. The process on how they make it is very interesting, basically they get the ice cream mixture and pour it on a very cold plate and mix the ingredients together. Then when it is half frozen they spread the ice cream mixture out so it is nice and thin and when that is set. They they scrap it off, the ice cream curls and then they put it in a cup.

It is a very interesting concept and originally comes from Thailand. Making it is a slow process and they actually make you stand in front when they make your ice cream rolls. Usually there are lines for this place and it has become very popular in Chinatown. They have different flavors and even some with fresh fruit. Overall a very cool and different place with good ice creams and interesting presentation.

Website; 10Below Ice Cream