“Mr T”, “Phoebe”, Momma Bear” and other family members decided to go to Woodbury Commons Outlet an hour out of NYC to do some shopping. It was lunch time and we wanted some food. So “Mr T” and I decided to have Chipotle for lunch. Firstly the line for food was long and was definitely the longest line out of all food outlets. Chipotle is one of the fastest growing fast-food outlets in America.

Salad – Steak & Pulled Pork


I felt like something on the more healthy side. So decided to go for a salad instead of a burrito. I chose lime and coriander rice with steak and pulled pork, black beans, medium salsa, tomato salsa, cheese and lettuce. I am not going to lie, if it’s not the best Mexican you can eat. However, it is popular because it is fresh, fast and not all too expensive. It tastes like it should and it is good.

Going with “Mr T”, I did learn a lot from him when ordering at Chipotle (as he goes quite frequently). When you order you can get three small tortillas, extra meat, or mixed meat, extra salsa or other stuff for free and they don’t even bat an eye lid. It is very interesting and I can see why a lot of Americans go there to eat. Being new to Chipotle, I only took advantage of mixed meat and two different salsas on my salad, but the next time I will know what to do.

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