After spending the day looking at The Metropolitan a Museum of Art and Neue Galerie. “Phoebe” asked “Momma Bear” & her sister and me where we wanted to eat. “Momma Bear” wanted somewhere close to her hotel on 32nd street, which is Korean town, so my cousin suggested Korean barbeque. We arrived and had to wait for 30 minutes for a table after we arrived.



Very nice with good amount of vegetables. Nice vermicelli with good flavoring which was slightly sweet.



Not sure what there names are except for Kim chi, but they were all very nice. I especially liked the bean sprouts cooked and covered in sesame oil, the spinach and the picked vegetables with slices. Very nice and refreshing and adding them to your other dishes.

Kkaennip Bulgogi


Bulgogi is a type of beef and how they cook it. The dish was very nice and had a nice sweet taste to it. The rice was nice and crispy at the bottom which is fantastic, but the only slight downside (which is better for you) is you have to eat the food slowly or otherwise you burn yourself and your mouth.

Overall a very nice place to eat and very popular amoung Korean locals. We also tried their Bbq beef which was very nice and they also offer a very good gluten free menu. This place is Michelin star recommended and I can kind of see why. Would like to try more of their menu and see what their other dishes are like, but not sure when I will be back.

Website; Don’s Bogam BBQ & Wine Bar