In-N-Out Burger – FastFood

I mange to duck away from “momma bear” and her sister to get my In-N-Out fix.  I was actually at Desert Hills Outlet Mall and discovered that their food there is terrible and looked up to find an In-N-Out Burger was only five minutes away by car. So I took the car and drove off to have my In-N-Out Burger fix.

Cheese Burger – Animal style


I had never heard about animal style until one of my USA cousins mentioned it. It is part of their secret menu. Wow it makes a burger good. They add extra stuff including pickles, extra special sauce, grilled onions and mustard fried burger patty. I really liked the freshness of the burger and the ingredients with fresh lettuce and tomato and a nice mustard beef patty.

Fries – Animal style


You can also get this in animal style and they add Cheese, grilled onions and their special sauce. Wow these were the best fries I have had at a fast food joint. Peeled, cut and cooked on site in vegetable oil. So fresh and taste good.

Chocolate shack


They definitely know how to make good shakes, think and good chocolate taste. Yummy!

I love In-N-Out Burger and I can see why many others do as well. It is just so good and the price is just so reasonable in what you get, If only they had one in NZ. A fresh taste and not that oily.

Update; I also tried the Double Double burger animal style just before I left the USA and it was fantastic. Just what I needed before a 12 hour flight back to NZ. By the way, there is an In’N’Out joint very close to LAX. However, it gets really busy and there are long lines and the drive thru is even crazier. But you need to try  In’N’Out, as it is worth the wait.

Website; In-N-Out

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