Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli – Wellington

Went to have coffee with B1, B2 and B 0.5. It took a long time to decide where to go but we ended up going to Queen Sally’s. We basically only wanted coffee. However, we ended up also having a snack there.

Sticky Scroll


This was really nice, but I thought it would be sweeter, which did slightly disappointed me. However, it had nice slices of pears inside with a nice brioche like pastry. It also had a nice caramel syrup dripped on top.

Flat White


This was a really nice Flat White. The coffee they use here is Havana. The coffee was strong and had a good body to it.

Even though Queen Sally’s is a small eatery there is plenty of food on offer.  I usually go there to buy their date scones which has heaps of dates in them and also has orange rind in it. They also sell salads, pies, other savoury delights and some sweet things as well. Queen Sally’s is a busy place and always have people walking in and buying stuff. It is a good alternative to Maranui and Deluxe Cafe as they sell generally all the same cabinet food.

Website; Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli

Address; 200 Queens Dr, Lyall Bay, Wellington

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