I follow Little Dough Co. on Instagram and I also get notifications from them, just because I wanted to see how the Notifications function works on Instagram. However, every time I get a notification from Little Dough I also get FOMO (fear of missing out) and I wished, I worked or live in the city so I can get one of their donuts.

Little Dough Co. is a donut company that does not have a shop. They sell out of Customs Coffee, Vic Books and Five Boroughs and only sell donuts between Thursday to Sunday. They also create different flavours each week and sometimes recreate some, if we are lucky. You can special order them directly from them but you need to order a certain amount.

On Friday I got a notification on what donuts they were going to sell.  My mouth just dropped and i knew i just had to buy one of each.

Lemon Meringue


This was a lemon custard filled donut topped with torched swiss meringue. Presentation wise; it looked awesome and my brain went crazy for it as soon as I saw the photo of it on Instagram. The meringue was very nice and had a nice torched colour to it. The lemon custard was out of this world and everything just worked so well together. My only one bit of feedback would be to add a bit more lemon to it, to give it that extra sour kick to it.

Bounty Glazed


Besides lemon, I am also a sucker for chocolate and coconut and as soon as I saw they were doing a bounty inspired donut I had to go try it. This donut was also out of this world. The coconut to the chocolate ratio was just right. As soon as I took my first bite, I wanted to buy five more. An unbelievable donut.

I have also tried other flavours they have made including; Cookie Crumble and Noble and Savage Lemon Grey tea glaze with Anzac Crunch.

I think I have fallen in love with Little Dough Co. Every time I get a notification from them, my heart skips a beat. LOL. I just want to open Instagram and see what flavours they are offering for the week. (I know it does sound slightly sad). It will be interesting to see what happens with Little Dough Co. in the future. Will they decide to open a shop or will they just stay the same as the current business model works for them.

Website; Little Dough Co.

Instagram; Little Dough Co.