Heard a few things about Little Dough Co. They have been getting a bit of publicity at the moment.  They only make donuts between Thursday and Sunday and only see them here or at Vic Books, but all on different days.  As I felt like a Flat White, I decided to head to Customs.

Cookie Crumble Donut


A nice donut. It is fresh and had a nice spongy texture. It is not too sweet and can be eaten  quite easily. There was not a lot of crumble. However, I do not think you need a lot. Overall a nice donut.

Flat White


This was a really good Flat white here. It is nice and strong with a good colour of crema with the milk.

Customer Brew Bar is Supreme Coffee’s Flagship Brew Bar.  Besides making coffee they also sell some food and Supreme Beans.  It is a rather little cafe, but serves good coffee.  I have not drunk a lot of Supreme Blends recently (only their Origin blends).  However, I may start drinking a bit more of it.

Website; Custom Brew BarLittle Dough co.

Address;  39 Ghuznee St, Te Aro, Wellington