Decided to try this new joint which is also owned by the restaurant next door Ortega. It is completely different compared to it’s sister restaurant. Ortega is a seafood restaurant, where Slim Davey’s serves more American cuisine and also has two bars, one downstairs and one upstairs. Pepper Potts came for the ride and both of us did not really know what we were expecting.

Corn Fed Chicken Liver Pate, schmaltz, cornichons


I was suspect about the white layer on top of the pate. I didn’t ask about it, but I thought well lets just try it and see what it tastes like.  After googling; schmaltz, I discovered it is chicken or can be goose fat, and can be used for frying or as a spread. It was only a thin layer so I was not too concerned. The pate was very smooth and tasted very nice. The flat breads seemed homemade and buttered and there were also dried bread as well. The breads, however, were slightly over salted for my liking and made the pate also slightly salty. Overall a nice dish besides the salt.

Bacon BBQ sauce burger with fries


I have to say, I was disappointed with the fries. I personally do not like thin cut cries and think they should stay at McDonalds. The burger, however, was very nice. The patty was nicely grilled with it being pink inside, and the bacon was also very nice. Also in the burger was pickled onions, lettuce and a good slice of cheese on the patty. There was a very good spice kick to my burger, which was a surprise

Overall besides the little things I mentioned. Slim Davey’s is a good place to eat. It is a very popular place with a good range of beers and gets very busy, which is slightly surprising as it has only been open for a short while. I did find it very interesting as it has a very mixed cliental, the atmosphere is great and a lot of interesting things to see on the wall including the big stuffed buffalo at the entrance way of the restaurant.

Facebook Page; Slim Davey’s

Address; 18 Majoribanks St, Mount Victoria, Wellington